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R20 welcome to the new frontier

Finally the new c4d it's coming, and it bring a really huge amont of new features, in a certanin sense that it revolutionry and finally gives to us the answers that we were waiting for. Maxon decided to celebrate this 20th birthday with something special, let's see in details what the new upcoming cinema 4d...

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Cinema 4d R15!!!

MAXON today introduced CINEMA 4D Release 15 (R15) that redefines the 3D motion graphics, visual effects, painting and rendering software workflow. The next-generation release of the widely-used 3D software platform reinforces the leadership MAXON has earned over the past 25 years by elevating the creative experience from project planning to content delivery, and is marked…

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Maxon + Adobe = Cineware

Everyday we see new tools, plugins, software for CGI and motiongrafic, and is not so simple to be impressed. But this time i have to confess that the work that Maxon and Adobe have made togheter is really amazing. No one could think that our forkflow could be revolutioned so deeper, i really think that…

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