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R20 welcome to the new frontier

Finally the new c4d it's coming, and it bring a really huge amont of new features, in a certanin sense that it revolutionry and finally gives to us the answers that we were waiting for. Maxon decided to celebrate this 20th birthday with something special, let's see in details what the new upcoming cinema 4d...

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Octane Lighting Essentials

Hi all friends, first of all thanks for the fantastic feedback about our new exciting lighting tool. Today i'm going to share a great overview video made by Joren the pixel lab master! Take a look at the video and see how easy is create fantastic lighting in few clicks. More video and more contents...

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VLE free object pack

  Finally we release Vray Lighting Essentials free objects pack, it’s a simple objects pack but really helpful to test your scenes, once you have downloaded it you’ll have access to every future update. I know many people were waiting for it since weeks but we had to wait to not commit any copyright infringement!…

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Vray Lighting Essentials News 3

Vray Lighting Essentials scene three: SEXY today another little news about our great tool, in this frame you can show a lot of things: the extreme realism of the rendering, the ability of customizing lights, camera and studio… But at the moment i don’t want reveal too much, there are many other secrets hidden inside…

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The details are important

These are just some examples of the level of detail that allows you Vray Texture Pack v2. Metals, wood, stone, plastic …. all materials are made ??with great care and attention to detail [bar_info_box_1 buttontext=”BUY NOW!” buttonurl=”http://www.renderking.it/products-page/cinema-4d-2/vray-texture-pack-v2-2/” text=”DO YOU LIKE THIS PRODUCT?” /]

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Vray Texture Pack v2 Released!

Finally you can buy new vray texture pack v2 for a really cheap prize! This pack is made to create incredible and realistic renderings! Over 150 textures – 2K (2048×2048 pixel) SEAMLESS! – subdivided into 12 categories, Metals, Woods, Liquids, Organics, Translucent, Plastics, Fabrics, Crazy……. This allow you to use this products really easily. Vray…

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