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The Warm Up Film

Often we receive contacts from customers that show us the job they made with our products, we are really proud about that and we consider this works little bit our “children”….. Few day ago the motion artist Eugene Handel sent a mail showing us a great short film named the warm up, he made using…

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Vray Lighting Essentials News8

Vray Lighting Essentials: Scene8 Car Lighting. This is another of my favourite scenes, with tons for incredible features, It’s studied to give you extremely realistic rendering. Normally it’s not simple to light a car and this tool will simplify your life doing a lot of work for you, and gives to you only the pleasure…

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Vray Light Essentials News7

Vray Lighting Essential: Motiongraphic scene. This scene is made for people who works on motion graphic, it’s perfect to create titles, lower third text, and any kind of motion you want. The scene has many styles preset like warm, cool, dramatic, desaturated and you can combine with lights settings creating hundred of fantastic illuminations, as…

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Element 3D test

This is my first Element 3D test, i need to learn a lot about this plugin, but i think that it has a great potential The first impression is the incredible velocity in rendering time, how many hours we need to have the same rendering using vray? Obviously with cinema 4d we can create great…

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Morph tutorial

Some times ago we made a commercial for xerox to promote new corporate logo, many people email me to have a tutorial about this transition. I don’t have rights to show entire commercial and audio track, so i have created a short demo using old and new xerox logos. The power of this tutorial is…

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