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Octane Lighting Essentials v.2


20 Preset Scenes
Fully customizable library scenes
MAC and PC – Cinema 4d r18 / r21.
Octane 4 and 2020


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Scene 01 Home Interior

This scene is a tribute to the Greatest artist Rapahel Rau that also provided 3d models for this render.
The scene faithfully reproduces his famous artwork

Scene 02 Dust

Motion Graphic Scene
Complete of an animatable particle syste: look at the video to see more

Scene 03 Modern Shadows

Learn to light your scenes with shadows!!!
A super modern setup easy to use that generates animatable shadows to make your scene really gorgeous!

Scene 04 Jet Black

Enjoy this scene made to ceate super sexy lighting in few clicks you will be amazed!

Scene 05 Nebula

Huston, we don't have any problem!
With this easy setup you can create deep space renders with a physically based setup, look at the video to see the incredible features contained like... LIVE CHROMATIC ABERRATION IN OCTANE!!!!

Scene 06 Reflections

That scene represent a clever and easy way to generate seamless reflections and shiny caustcs!
Look at the video to see more

Scene 07 Openspace

A blend of seamless clouds HDRI and a perfectly balanced sun light to have a perfect openspace atmosphere

Scene 08 Photografer table

Super realistic renders in 2 clicks i don't want say more, just look at the video to understand!

Scene 09 Retro Glow

This scene represents a tribute to the great 80's.
Create your own retro image with a fully customizable rig!

Scene 10 Beauty

Photorealistc setup perfect to render everything about beauty!

Scene 11 Pure

This fully customizable scene it's inspired to the great Air Max 17 spot by ManVsMachine

Scene 12 Phsysically correct Black & White

Inspired to Helmut Newton photography this scene it's perfectly balanced for black and white style.


Amazing logo reveal, for a sci fi mood


Random flickers for a spooky vibe

Scene 15 science Studio

A scene inspired by microscopic medical graphics

Scene 16 Everyday

The must have preset!

Scene 17 Light Sculpting

An Intriguing Studio for Highlighting the Edges of Your Model

Scene 18 Caravaggio

A gorgeous, soft, painterly, still life studio

Scene 19 Terraformation

Incredible rig to create super detailed landscapes on earth and moon


Create your own perfect, custom HDRI maps with this generator

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