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Modern Cityscape Collection


27 Buildings + 150 bonus models + 3 Preset scenes
All Texturized for Redshift / Octane / Cinema 4d
4K maps included.
Format Included
.obg / .c4d

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All Models are made to provide the best result in rendering, thanks to an high quality modelling and clean meshes.


This product is available only in Digital Download, thanks to the new members area you can download it whenever you want!


All the characters are texturized for Redshift / Octane / Cinema 4d with high quality shaders, + 150 Free Bonus Models + 3 Preset scenes!


40% OFF


  • Hi Poly models.
  • Fully Texturized.
  • Real measures. Scale 1:1
  • Ready for Redshift / Octane / Cinema 4d
  • 150 texturized bonus objects
  • 3 Prese scenes
  • .c4d / .obj

made with attention to detail

Each building is detailed, scaled and textured beautifully. They include window treatment, rooftop elements like AC units, banners, cables and antennas. We took the quality to the next level so you can just drag/drop these into your scene and have stunning detail.

Yes, they’re realistic, but we also kept in mind that cityscapes need a lot of buildings. We were very careful to use modeling practices that keep the buildings as low poly and light weight as possible. You can add dozens of these to your scene without worrying about performance.

27 High Quality Models

150 Models to customize buildings and create structures

Dozens and dozens of extra objects you can use to populate your scenes with more detail.

versatile and ready for any style of rendering

choose your shot, and take the picture...

choose your shot, and take the picture...

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