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Arnold Lighting Essentials


20 Preset Scenes
Fully customizable library scenes
MAC and PC – Cinema 4d r18 / r24.
Arnold Render


Scene 01 Clean Studio

Fully customizable clean studio
Perfect for product visualization

Scene 02 Seamless

Fully customizable clean studio
light dependent scene with a real infinite floor
perfect for your daily render

Scene 03 Shooting Room

Fully customizable room scene
perfect high detailed 3d models
Real studio setup

Scene 04 InstaDaily

Created for instagram maniacs
a versatile scene to generate fancy renders

Scene 05 Dramatic

Fully Customizable view dependent
Photorealistic lighting for a dramatic scene

Scene 06 Hard Light

Octane SpotLight Scene
Contrastated and well Calibrated lights
Perfect for exalting metals

Scene 07 Back Light

Fully customizable
Back Light studio

Scene 08 Car Studio

Fully customizable
Designed for exalt car shapes

Scene 09 Ray of God

A Fantaastic foggy scene to create volumetric illumination

Scene 10 Cinematic

Perfect for title sequences
Realistic and cinematic lighting

Scene 11 Perfect Portrait

A BackLight Studio for... Perfect Portraits

Scene 12 Jewellery Studio

A fotorealistic, view dependent, jewelley studio

Scene 13 Procedural Spotlights

A fotorealistic, light dependent seamless studio

Scene 14 Hi Thech Studio

A fotorealistic, view dependent studio, projected to enhance details

Scene 15 Garage

A darke and fotorealistic Garage environment

Scene 16 Hexagon Studio

Sci-fi Environment studio fully texturized with 4k textures

Scene 17 Beverage Packaging Studio

The first, perfect Beverage Packaging Studio that provides seamless reflections

Scene 18 BIg Studio

A 20 mq studio perfect for automotive and big objects

Scene 19 DISCO

A super funky scene, full of colours!


Sexy long shadows with an easy to use rig.

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