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Tentacle Text Tutorial

how to extrude hundreds of tentacles from a text or a logo...

Cinema 4d r13 or higher
Prime - Visualize - Studio Bundle

Difficulty 60%
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9 thoughts on “Tentacle Text Tutorial

  1. I am having trouble getting the slices on curved letters using the knife tool. Any tips for working with curved letters like B, C? Thanks!

      1. Anyway if you download the project you can see that i worked with my logo “RK” and for me works good on rounded letters.

  2. Very nice tutorial….Simple and easy.

    I want to ask you a doubt out of this design. How to render a C4D (R13) material in v-ray. (1.2)

    Please provide me link to any sites where i can check or please give me brief idea



    1. Hi the most simple way it’s use the Vray material converter,
      anyway after years of experience in Vray i know the relationship between C4D and VRAY textures. You can download the Vray manual and take a look into the material chapter, it’s explained very well and you can easily understand how values works.

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