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Origami Maker Text Tutorial

Lear how unfold object with origami maker free preset

Cinema 4d r13 or higher
Prime - Visualize - Studio Bundle

Difficulty 30%
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5 thoughts on “Origami Maker Text Tutorial

  1. first of all thanks for the preset i used it but when i turn off my orignal object everything disapeared i dont see the figure that i chose for the scene
    what could be the problem second it is hard to follow the tutorial it is too small to see details and your mic is bad very low voice thanks

  2. Hi Sid,
    about the object disappeared you have to go just a frame forward to refresh memory,
    about the others points you told me, my desktop is 2560 px so how is possible you see too small?
    And sorry for audio, my microphone is gone….. in the next tutorial I will have a better voice 😉

    1. Hey Allesandro, what he means is, that your screen is so huge, that everthing looks small. -__- For tutorials it would be better to set the resolution to 1920 by 1080p. But by the way, love your stuff a lot! Cheers!

  3. Hey Ale, great tutorial 🙂 I think what he means with the hard to see is that because you are recording on such a large resolution. When you view the tutorial on small screens everything is very small and fine and hard to see. Do you understand? 🙂

    Cheers Nik

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