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QuadRemesher by Exoside Overview

 Hi everyone today we will look at the plugin ”QuadRemesher” by Exoside for Cinema4D.


Quadremesher is a plugin that uses the computer’s cpu, of course the fast is the better, this plugin it’s very usefull, will be the solution to your problems related to the worse quality 3d models.

QuadRemesher is the tool that is right for you, through a few steps it is able to decrease the number of polygons, optimize the geometry, and retopology.


Below you can find an example:


1. Open a 3D model, you can see the geometry is very ruined.


2. Select the surface, now launch quadremesher with default settings.


3. Thanks to a clean and correct remeshing you can immediatly see the benefits.


4. Then you can ballance the values between quality and polygon numbers.




Optimization from the first scene to the final one:

Before                               After



Click here to purchase this tool.




Modern Cityscape Collection

Brand new “modern cityscape collection” is a massive collection of kitbash 3d models: 27 building and 150 bonus models ready for your incredible scenes, the only limit is your fantasy! The entire collection, with a futuristic and modern look, are made to provide an high quality result in rendering and composition fase thanks to an...

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G as Goodbye GTX

A new generation of grafic cards it’s arrived from Nvidia, and they promis to be revolutionary. They are powered by the new NVIDIA Turing™ GPU architecture and the revolutionary RTX platform, yes no more GTX but RTX… R as Ray Tracing! RTX graphics cards bring together real-time ray tracing, artificial intelligence, and programmable shading. Of…

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R20 welcome to the new frontier

Finally the new c4d it's coming, and it bring a really huge amont of new features, in a certanin sense that it revolutionry and finally gives to us the answers that we were waiting for. Maxon decided to celebrate this 20th birthday with something special, let's see in details what the new upcoming cinema 4d...

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Octane Lighting Essentials NEW Update

Hi, first of all i have to say thanks to all customers that support our work and really appreciated this product. Freelancers, entusiasts and fomous 3d studios are using Octanel Lighting Essentials all around the world and today we released a new scene made for Hi-Tech renderings. It's a view dependet scene, that means i...

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Maxon LAB

A new interesting initiative it’s coming from Maxon, it demonstrates the continuous work and development That stay behind the sofware we love. The best way to explain what Maxon LAB is, it’s to use Their Own Words: “Ease of use and stability are key qualities of Cinema 4D. To Achieve this, we invest extra Efforts…

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Real Flow Tutorial from Ali Fasial

Long time is passed since Ali Fasial made a tutorial for us, our friendship was born with that "old" collaboration and his tutorial it's been one of the most appreciated of our site, but maybe not only... Now Ali is back for us to inaugurate the new renderking's site and we want celebrate this event...

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New Characters Pack

Hi all! This is Little Alien the second (and probably my favorite) Character of the pack, it’s absolutely the most customizable character you ever seen, starting from the head to the feet you can change everything with one click. SOME EXAMPLES: You can combine tons of preset morphing to create hundreds different faces, you can…

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New Characters Pack

Few months ago me and Giuseppe Sarcì started working on a new project: we decided to create the most advanced cinema 4d characters you can find online, to reach this target we created a really detailed models, driven by a deep bones system, everything controlled by a simple interface that eliminates most common mistakes in…

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C4Dome more news

First of all thanks for the massive number of email you sent us to know more about our last product, today I want give you some info about incoming Plugin C4Dome: Many of you asked if the renderings we produced about c4dome are made with Vray… Absolutely not! Thanks but the answer is negative, c4dome…

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The Warm Up Film

Often we receive contacts from customers that show us the job they made with our products, we are really proud about that and we consider this works little bit our “children”….. Few day ago the motion artist Eugene Handel sent a mail showing us a great short film named the warm up, he made using…

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VLE free object pack

  Finally we release Vray Lighting Essentials free objects pack, it’s a simple objects pack but really helpful to test your scenes, once you have downloaded it you’ll have access to every future update. I know many people were waiting for it since weeks but we had to wait to not commit any copyright infringement!…

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Vray Texture Pack v2 Countdown

HERE WE GO! Few hours and the biggest vray materials collection will be released… We are very proud and excited to show this pack, over 150 vray materials: all 2K 2048×2048 pixel seamless to give you a great quality and a high level details, they are made by many layers: diffuse, specular, normal, bump, diplacement….

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Morph tutorial

Some times ago we made a commercial for xerox to promote new corporate logo, many people email me to have a tutorial about this transition. I don’t have rights to show entire commercial and audio track, so i have created a short demo using old and new xerox logos. The power of this tutorial is…

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