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C4Dome Presets

Many C4Dome customers use it to create their own daily 3d renders, so we decided to create some new lighting presets that reproduce the most stunning instagram styles! Some artists already have tested those new setups and their feedbacks were amazing, new c4dome speed up your workflow and gives to you more time to be…

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C4DOME for r17

Renderking’s team worked hard to be ready as soon as possible with the r17 release, and today i’m proud to tell you that C4dome v2 it’s already fully compatible with cinema 4d r17. If you need a new r17 activation license file please contact us writing below your serial (11 digits) and your transaction id,…

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Reflectance Channel Tutorial Preview

It’s hard to explain how much I was impressed looking at new reflectance channel for the first time, and seeing how much simple is to understand how create realistic shaders, In the next tutorial i’ll try to explain the approach to reflectance channel but also how playing with Sub Surface Scattering and  enhance them with…

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C4DOME release date

Here we go! Finally C4Dome is here, ready to show you his power. C4Dome it’s the ultimate HDRI studio plugin, it’s a great time saver for your work with his several preset settings, with his huge HDRI library, with his increbible easy camera rig… But C4Dome it’s also a very professional tool, you can use…

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C4Dome more news

First of all thanks for the massive number of email you sent us to know more about our last product, today I want give you some info about incoming Plugin C4Dome: Many of you asked if the renderings we produced about c4dome are made with Vray… Absolutely not! Thanks but the answer is negative, c4dome…

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C4DOME example n1

Today I post few frames of C4Dome reel, this is an example of what this plugin can do. You can use C4Dome in many ways: In this case I used as time saver to create a realistic light environment. I choosed one of the HDRI map you’ll find in the huge library preset, and I…

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