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QuadRemesher by Exoside Overview

 Hi everyone today we will look at the plugin ”QuadRemesher” by Exoside for Cinema4D.


Quadremesher is a plugin that uses the computer’s cpu, of course the fast is the better, this plugin it’s very usefull, will be the solution to your problems related to the worse quality 3d models.

QuadRemesher is the tool that is right for you, through a few steps it is able to decrease the number of polygons, optimize the geometry, and retopology.


Below you can find an example:


1. Open a 3D model, you can see the geometry is very ruined.


2. Select the surface, now launch quadremesher with default settings.


3. Thanks to a clean and correct remeshing you can immediatly see the benefits.


4. Then you can ballance the values between quality and polygon numbers.




Optimization from the first scene to the final one:

Before                               After



Click here to purchase this tool.




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