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Easy animations with MIXAMO

Nobody said that character animation is easy. Whether you’re a 3d expert user or animation newbie you will always find new challenges when working on 3D character animation. However, exist a tool that can make the 3D animation process in Cinema 4D much easier… Mixamo!
If you are looking for a quick and easy way to produce animations, then Mixamo it’ very effective. He is an amazing browser service with an free incorporated engine.

Mixamo’s online services include an animation free store featuring downloadable 3D models and animation sequences.
The animations were created using motion capture and cleaned up by key frame animators.

The AutoRigger applies machine learning to understand where the limbs of a 3D model are and to insert a “skeleton”, or rig, into the 3D model as well as calculating the skinning weights.

The methods of application of mixamo products have no limits. If your intent is to create short animations for your favorite social networks, Mixamo could be what is right for you, enjoy!

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