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Octane Texture Pack v2

Enjoy our new video!

Thanks to Joren Kandel, from thepixellabe for the fantastic review

Hi all, octane texture pack v2 it’s been released about one month ago, and we couldn’t expect a so incredible result in terms of feedback from clients. First of all let me thank you all for supporting us, giving the possibility to continue developing new products. What we made it was to try to be very accurate and physically correct to provide a super realistic product. This new one It’s called Architectural Edition, because not so many tools for architecture are made in octane, but that doesn’t means you can use only if you are an Architect….. And we can prove that showing the amazing job made by Pierre Magno Art Director for bphoton.com studio.


I used Octane Texture Pack 2 to make these images (see below). Really nice pack and very accurate. As shaders I used Backmann Glass, Smudged Glass, Dry Chrome, Polished Anisotropy, Black Plastic Design and Procedural Fine Stone. I really like this pack because they’re efficient and especially for this production because it was very short in term of delays, just a few days, and I needed good based materials that I could tweak the way I wanted in order to produce the exact look the client wanted.

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