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R20 welcome to the new frontier

Finally the new c4d it’s coming, and it bring a really huge amont of new features, in a certanin sense that it revolutionry and finally gives to us the answers that we were waiting for. Maxon decided to celebrate this 20th birthday with something special, let’s see in details what the new upcoming cinema 4d brings.


For many users this is not a new feature, many of us already used this kind of feature in Arnold or Octane, but if you nevers used it before this is a real revolution. Yes, because it upset the way you think to materials and, most important, that unleash your creativity giving the possibility to create an infinite combination of materials.
In past was not possible to add 2 or more materials eachother in cinema 4d, but now finally we can, and i can’t wait to show you how strong is this new materials system!


OK, this is a really great changes, first of all because it affects the core of mograph, that now is able to manage millions and millions of polygons and because maxon understood that the best way to improve morgaph was changing the falloff system. And they did it, now we have fields instead falloff, with many new deformers that affects mograph.

Very hard to explain it in few words, so take a look at the cineversity video and have fun!


If you were thinking that the news were finished you wrong! Let me say just 2 words VOLUME MODELING! A new concept to model based on voxeling that brings our loved program to a new level, and allows everybody to scream…. F@ck you BOOLEANS!!!!
This is really amazing and revolutionary, now we have a new, PROCEDURALLY, way to model in cinema 4d!

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