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Octane Lighting Essentials NEW Update

Hi, first of all i have to say thanks to all customers that support our work and really appreciated this product. Freelancers, entusiasts and fomous 3d studios are using Octanel Lighting Essentials all around the world and today we released a new scene made for Hi-Tech renderings.
It’s a view dependet scene, that means i works propertly into a specific range of camera degrees, but anyway you have a lot of freedom. You can easyly change background color and size, but most important thinkg is that you can manage reflector, change it’s shape, it’s color, size and positon. Let’s see some more examples!

As you can see this scene it’s been projected to provide a very high level of detail, it’s very clean, well contrastated, and the lighting is absolutely no flat!

Look how it’s easy to change style to your scene in few clicks!


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