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Octane Lighting Essentials Update

Hi all, we are really proud to show our new Octane Lighting Essentials update, the idea comes to me thanks to a suggestion by Joren. I was thinking to a scene that could be lit by several spotlights of different sizes and position, and we found a clever idea to generate them procedurally. The result seems immediately interesting and flexible. The light system was able to provide a very immersive atmoshere.... look the example below

As you can see on the image, we created 3 or 4 random spotlights and the character was really well lit, shadows have different sharpness and that helps a lot to increase the image quality. Once noticed that was easy to think that could be possible to create stunning scifi images. And was true!

But we were not satisfied, we also wanted to have an enveloping light. So we provided a solution to scale and encrease a lot the number of the spotlights, change color background and also lights absorption, and that was the right solution to achieve a perfect scene to render motiongraphic texts or elements.

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