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Octane Lighting Essentials January Update

Our team released the first Ocane Lighting Essentials’ update, and we have to say that it’s an incredible update. How many times we search for a super natural and realistic studio lighting? Well the new scene provides this kind of scene, but let’s see it in deep.

As you can see we are talking about a round studio, you can manage size, ratio and of course background color. You also can mage power and position od the HDRI light source but you can not select the hdri image beacuse we choose a precise mood for this scene. We also have 2 different lights that you can turn on adn off, in the first one you can select the light's color, and on the second one you can select the light's temperature.
But the most important thing about this scene it's the BACKGROUND LIGHT, you can emit light from the background to create wounderful portrait!
If you already have it, please login again on your member area and download it again, the file it's updated.
If you have purchased it on thepixellab.net please send to me your purchase transaction and you will reaceive a download link within 24 hours!
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