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New Hard Surfaces Product

Almost one year ago, me and Giuseppe Sarcì, decided to create a product to help people to build fantastic scifi and technical environments, so we started investigating into hard surfaces technique and we had a lot of fun! Day by day we created many pieces and once we choosend the best we realized that they are 200!

Yes 200 3d models sthat allows millions of different combinations. Here you can see some stunning examples, the scene below it’s been created in almost few minutes grabbing the model from the provided library, all the pieces have been designed to be associated to the others to give you the maximum flexibility.

The Library its subdivided in several subfolder to help to select the items, but when you download the pack you will find also OBJ files if you usually don’t work in cinema 4d but you use other 3d softwares.

The pack it’s also realized to help you when you work in After Effects with Element 3D. To models have been realized with a correct numbers of polygons to result detailed without being too much heavy. So that means you can create very nice anymations with Element 3d. Look at the example below!

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