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Bildbotschaft Studio and Carpaint2

example grabbed from http://www.bildbotschaft.com/portfolio-cgi/

Bildbotschaft is a German based studio of CGI and retouching specialists, who are working on a high level of image creation. We had the pleasure to be in touch with this studio thanks to our new Carpaint2, Markus von Luecken, owner and founder of the CGI and retouching studio, is one of the ‘200 best digital artists worlwide, and when he contacted us giving his feedback about the product we all were really happy because we already known his work and we also really apprecciate his vision!
But let’s explain who they are…
Since 2008, bildbotschaft has been representing quality and excellence in CGI and retouching.
Together with leading creatives and agencies, bildbotschaft ensures that creative projects get the absolute best and most creative results.
Their work has been published in various magazines around the world and got selected for several books about photography and digital art, e.g. Graphis ‚100 Best in Photography‘, Luerzer’s Archive ‚200 Best Digital Artists‘, One Eyeland „Best of the Best Photographers“.

Markus loves digital art and he enjoys working with young and outstanding talents from the creative industry.
I know that those could seems just words but I think that the works published on the agency’s site speaks their own!

Thanks to Markus and all the staff from me and my team, that’s the fuel we need to contine!

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One thought on “Bildbotschaft Studio and Carpaint2

  1. Congratulations on your latest product.
    Carpaint2 is the most beautiful VRAY car paint pack I have ever seen!
    Thank you for providing such beautiful and detailed materials to us.

    Renderking rocks!

    Thx, markus

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