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Playing around with Extrudifier

Few days ago it launches maxon’s Lab and today we tested extrudifier, a very interesting tool python That extrudes surfaces in a creative way relly. For sure That can be a fisrt step of a future feature of cinema 4d, it’s funny to extrude faces with the script and we also have some ideas to share with you about new features That could be added, for example i would choose Which faces extrude and Which not, and Also a falloff tab could be usefull. By the way this version can be used to create many abstract images or scifi environment. Below few example that i created in few minutes, the script it’s very stable and responsive Also, of course if you add too much faces to your model the extrusion could require more time to be Calculated.
If you have more ideas about it’s use or about more features you would see on this please script, share your ideas with us! ”


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