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A new interesting initiative it’s coming from Maxon, it demonstrates the continuous work and development That stay behind the sofware we love. The best way to explain what Maxon LAB is, it’s to use Their Own Words: “Ease of use and stability are key qualities of Cinema 4D. To Achieve this, we invest extra Efforts to thoroughly design and test anything we produce. Our engineers develop Often Ideas that stay on the shelf until we decide to bring a prototype to completion. Through MAXON Labs, this innovation can reach you faster. All content provided on the labs is developed by MAXON, is free and provided as is. We make no promises to maintain the projects and they may be pulled out of the site at any time “.

So hurry! It’s time to test the assets That will be shared from the engineers and give feedback and share ideas, That can be a very good way to improve the Cinema 4d! Maxon LAB it’s a brand new site and at the moment it contains only few plugins but we can bet that it will grow up really fast, during these years any Cinema 4d user knows that the web was full of usefull plugins that, after a lot of time, become part of the sofware, and I personally think this is a really clever way to understand what fit or not for next film 4d versions and make the implementation process really faster!
Go to the site!

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