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Let’s make a Cinema 4d tutorial?

Some days ago we received a mail from a guy that was searching for some tips to create this bubble effects, and he submitted to us this video like reference. (Not bad dude this was made by The Mill ;))

By the way i found also another video that shows how achieve that piece of art! As you can see that’s not a simple job made by someone in front of his PC drinking a Redbull… It’s a blend of incredible shootings and sapient 3D.
But we would accept the challenge if you are agree and try to recreate with C4D a little piece of this video.
So please, if you are interested, write below which part are you interested into see and give us your thumbs up! I don’t know how many, but with a good amount of feedback we will create a tutorial for you!

So don’t be lazy and leave a comment! 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Let’s make a Cinema 4d tutorial?

    1. Yes I know it’s true but we enlarged our team to create new tutorial, freebies, and product!
      Stay tuned

  1. Yes, more tutorials would be great. When are you planning to do one concerning using mocap/FBX data with your characters?

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