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Real Flow Tutorial from Ali Fasial

Long time is passed since Ali Fasial made a tutorial for us, our friendship was born with that “old” collaboration and his tutorial it’s been one of the most appreciated of our site, but maybe not only… Now Ali is back for us to inaugurate the new renderking’s site and we want celebrate this event with a little interview to introduce Ali to who still don’t know him.

Hi Ali, first of all thanks for your gift, I let you introduce yourself to our readers.
Thanks Alessandro and Hi all guys, It’s a pleasure to be here to share something with you. As you told my Name is Fasial Ali, many of you would know me as Ali from Project4D. I currently live in Qatar working as visual effects and motion graphics designer for al jazeera media network.

It’s a relly nice job would tell us something more?
Sure! I work in a really huge team and we work on several project for TV shows and commercials, I feel myself lucky because I love my job and all the challenges it gives to me everyday, probably this is the part of my job I prefer because gives to me the chance to grow everyday as man and as 3D artist.

Would you tell us as you approached the world of 3D?
I started learning 3d software like 3ds max, maya and Cinmea 4D and was looking for one that I’m comfortable with and easy to implement in my work flow. Cinema 4D had all i need! Other software is RealFlow and After Effects. That’s the reason I choosed to make a new tutorial for you talking about RealFlow.

And I really thank you about that!
Do you have any suggestion for young guys who are entering the world of 3D?
i been in this industry for 10 years now doing work for many clients around the world and with every Project you get it comes with some challenges and here where you try to find a solution for this challenges and learn new things you didn’t know before which for me is the best part in this job. So mainly want tell you to be curious and never give up, now you have the possibility to access to a big knowledge thanks to many tutorial sites as Renderking is!

Talking about RealFlow, would you explain what you will show us and why you choosed this particular tutorial?
As I told i work alot with this fantastic software and looking around me I saw that there is not many documentation or tutorials that try to explain exactly how to achieve super smooth and thiny surfaces. That’s my target on this lesson: I wil show you how to stop creating blobby meshes!

Thanks a lot Ali, I’m sure many people can’t wait to see you new tutorial!

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