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A new way for Vray

Hi all,

long time is passed since new vray 3.4 it’s been announced, but now it’s here and it’s extraordinary powerfull!
We have been part of beta test and we have seen grow day by day to become the beast that it is, it’s absolutely the fastest CPU physically correct render engine ever created sometimes even faster then Octane! it is also able to use your GPU card to render and there are tons of new features we will discover togheter on next days.
With new Vray we decided to renew all our Vray Texure and Scenes stuff, and we are really proud to tell that at the moment there isn’t a better collection of textures accurately dedicated to Vray 3.4
Everything it’s been done with an incredible attention to the details, to give a perfect product focused to be at the top for professionals and enthusiasts!

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