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New Cinema 4d r17

Few days are passed since maxon announced new upcoming release R17, and the community seems divided between who claims the new version with enthusiasm and who is a bit disappointed because no one of the “outdated” features are being updated.
Which is you opinion about R17 version? We are almost starting our own test, at the moment new spline tool seems really promising and useful but we have to admit that on our studio some people draw spline each day on Cinema 4d and some other never did it…. That means a large part of customers will be not touched by this new tool.

Tell us what do you think about, and stay tuned for new upcoming tutorials!
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4 thoughts on “New Cinema 4d r17

  1. Workflow improvements and new spline tool plus faster rendering might be good.

    No bodypaint improvements since version R11.5 is bad!!! (Had to buy Mari because of that)

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