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New Characters Pack

Few months ago me and Giuseppe Sarcì started working on a new project: we decided to create the most advanced cinema 4d characters you can find online, to reach this target we created a really detailed models, driven by a deep bones system, everything controlled by a simple interface that eliminates most common mistakes in animation control…
But during the development we decided to give more, and we found a way to create characters simple to customize, adding many items to personalize someone and adding morphing tools to some others.
We also approached one of the most critical problem for animators creating scalable models that will fit to your scenes without losing rig control.
That means you can use the same character in different projects changing its aspect in few clicks.


Characters are perfectly rigged, and you have an hardly user interface to move the model and create your animations

Every model it’s accurately made and we dedicated a lot of time into refine details.

Our characters are not static, that means most of them has a preset dynamic manager to give a realistic feeling of the movements,

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6 thoughts on “New Characters Pack

  1. WOW this character seems to be really well done, I was searching for something like that.
    is the character rendered in Vray?

    1. Nope, the image you see is rendered in C4d standard render engine, but the pack contains also Vray and Octane textures!!! 😉

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