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Octane 2.11 test

Hi Octane addicted!

I want share with you this test because I was really surprised by the speed improvement that octane has in his last version.

I made this image with a simple GTX 680 4gb, and after 5000 samples and 1hour and 07 minutes I has this result:

I was not at all satisfied because of the noise, but to remove them I need to add more samples and, of course, spend more rendering time.
Fortunately my friend Raphael Rau, told me that new 2.11 version was pretty faster and that was absolutely true!

This is the final version after 8000 passes made in 45 minutes! (enlarge images to look at the difference)

If you think that 45 minutes it’s too much for a single frame, remember that a gtx 680 it’s not a productive solution and Β to deliver real jobs you need at least 2 powerful graphic cards.

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3 thoughts on “Octane 2.11 test

  1. wonderful!! please i need help. i want to build a rig(PC) to help me in working with cinema 4d and will like to get help as to which parts i should buy(assemble) for faster workflow and rendering as well. please.

    1. I can help you but you should tell us what king of work you have to do, wich softwares, adn also how much money you want spend… πŸ™‚

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