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C4Dome Overview


Describe C4Dome it’s pretty simple: it’s an ADVANCED HDRI studio plugin that push to the limit cinema 4d standard render engine.
It’s easy to use because automates a lot of passages to speed up the workflow, but at the same time it has many features to create a very realistic illumination.

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Already from the version 1.0 we were very impressed seeing how the clever solution of HDRI splitting gives realistic results… The philosophy that stay behind the plugin is to separate ligh source and reflection source. You can separately manage ligh and reflection: Brightness, blur, rotation.
But the most important thing is that you can load different light and reflection maps: for example you can use a preset STUDIO HDRI map to give the lighting you want to your scene and on the other hand you can use an OUTDOOR HDRI map to create rich reflections to your object. And that’s the secret of it’s clean and realistic rendering.

Layered Map Example
Light / Reflection Split Example

C4Dome v2 works with cinema 4d r15 and 16 but I have to admit that it gives the best with r16, because of the separate managing of the reflection channel that “excites” reflectance channel material. Another reason is that floor reflection improvements give really high quality reflections. And it’s opinion of famous beta testers they were able to have the same results only with third part render engines. One of the most important thing it’s the update on Layered HDRI maps, now you can easily blend your layers as you made i Photoshop.

Now Rendering Preset are the most accurate you can find, 15 preset to create still life, and flickering free animations.

Also HDRI painter was totally rewritten to have a much more handily tool, very intuitive and powerful, look below at the example what you can do…..

HDRI Painter Example


Yes but there is a reason, with version 2 you don’t need tons of presets in your library because you can create infinite combinations of HDRI maps with the assets you’ll find in your v2 library, but there is another reason, we are working on be a surprise for all customers….

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