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Carpaint Pack in detail

Vray Texture Pack Carpaint is not only a great collection of the most amazing shaders for your car models, but it’s also a collection of super detailed materials to texturize mechanical parts…
We created a very useful tool to have the most hagh level of realism for your technical or mechanical renderings.

The idea of this pack is born once we worked on FOX CRIME identity, we need several materials: from satin and shiny to aged and rust. The result it’s a perfect resource to save your time and have professional renderings: and with the “special” preset library will be very easy turn your shaders into aged materials….take a look (click to enlarge the pic below)!!!

Every carpaint shader is made starting from the real RAL color released by the automotive industries and is tested with the official Vray material test scene, that means you’ll have everytime the right feedback from our shaders.
Vray Texture Pack Carpaint shader are also named with the same name choosen by the automotive industries, that means you can find the carpaint you need and be sure the capaint is correct! (Look at the example below or google PORSCHE – Sapphire Blue)

Vray Texture Pack Carpaing give to you the ability to turn the clean shaders into dirty materials and increase the realism of the rendering! Every material can be changed into his soiled version.

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