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C4Dome more news

First of all thanks for the massive number of email you sent us to know more about our last product, today I want give you some info about incoming Plugin C4Dome:

Many of you asked if the renderings we produced about c4dome are made with Vray… Absolutely not! Thanks but the answer is negative, c4dome it’s a revolutionary way to think about HDRI lighting and that gives beautifull renderings, realistic and cool.

Another question that many people asked, it’s about the content and the price of the plugin: well our policy it’s to create professional tools usable by professionists of CGI and compositing as time saver and by people who wants start using tools to increase quality of their animations. To make this we provide great stuff with a accesible prices. C4dome will have an affordable price and the pack will contains a massive collection of HDRI maps, studios, and lighting items…. (that’s a surprise).

How much can I customize the scenes? The philosophy behind c4dome it’s very different from other hdri lighting tools, you don’t have preset scenes to load and render your models, but you can launch C4Dome plugin and merge your HDRI environment in every scene and customize as you want or use the preset items to light.

Many other things we have to tell you… but I prefer let the images talk…..

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16 thoughts on “C4Dome more news

    1. Yes, we used the standard render engine and we had pretty fast renderings, anyway it depends by many things as textures, model quality…..
      But the most important thing it’s the idea behind the plugin that allow to create incredible accurate renderings.

  1. This seems that will be a nice new plug in, renders look good.
    Are you guys expecting to release it in the next hours/this week?

    1. Hi Jon
      thanx. Trust me render are not good…. are amazing! 😉
      Anyway next week is the date….
      Stay in touch

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