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C4DOME example n1

Today I post few frames of C4Dome reel, this is an example of what this plugin can do. You can use C4Dome in many ways: In this case I used as time saver to create a realistic light environment. I choosed one of the HDRI map you’ll find in the huge library preset, and I applied on reflections one of the “magic tricks” that C4Dome can do!
We worked hard to give you a great feeling with the interface’s plugin and the easiest way to have a clean and realistic rendering in few clicks and dedicate your time to research the perfection!

p.s. this image is not post-produced, any frame (1280×720) required 32 seconds to be rendered on a i7 3930
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9 thoughts on “C4DOME example n1

  1. WOW it’s an incredible tool, seems you made it in vray!!!!!
    Another must have tool from renderking!!!!
    I can’t wait 😉

  2. Absolute perfection!
    Please post more images please, can you tell me how much does it cost this plugin?

  3. Lol be careful Your mystery product is going to give people the wrong expectations, and b disappointed. already people are starting to think its got something to do with vray.

    1. Hi Jon I really appreciate your comment, please tell us what’s your opinion about what people think around C4DOME.

    1. We are almost ready….
      have faith we are working hard night and day just to improve last features. 😉

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