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Announcing New Plug-in: C4DOME

In the last months we worked hard to develope a new tool for cinema 4d, and today we are proud to tell you that the release date is near. Now we are focused on last testings and we will publish day by day some images to explain what the plugin does.
Basically it’s a revolutionary way to approach to the HDRI lighting to give you the highest feeling of realism…..
Tomorrow we’ll release the list of main features!
Stay in touch!

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5 thoughts on “Announcing New Plug-in: C4DOME

  1. Hi All guys and thanks for your comments,
    the plugin is almost done! we have just to make some test. and we try to release new images and info in the next few days.
    We should be ready to put it on sale very soon.
    Stay tuned!

    Please if you can tweet and post on FB info about c4dome!!!

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