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The Warm Up Film

Often we receive contacts from customers that show us the job they made with our products, we are really proud about that and we consider this works little bit our “children”…..

Few day ago the motion artist Eugene Handel sent a mail showing us a great short film named the warm up, he made using Vray Lighting Essentials, and his result it’s very beautiful.
Eugene used some presets as Absolute Withe, Hard Light, and Scifi to light his scenes, obviously he customized the light as you can do with the tool, he also used some textures from our packs,
the result is amazing and we are grateful to him to share with us some “back stage”….

Look at his film and send us your works we are creating a new page called “Wall of Fame” to see what people does with renderking’s products.

Stay in touch, summer is coming but many news will be revealed soon….

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