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LON-LAT Connection Kit plugin review

Today we want talk to you about a new plugin for two reasons: the first is that this tool is really useful and the second is that the developer is Pim Groof and you’ll hear about him really soon….

Well let’s talk about this tool:

This kit provides you with the tools to easily set up and animate this global network.

What’s included in the Kit:

  • The LON-LAT Connection plugin: including thousands of cities around the world.
  • The LON-LAT Connection Base Globes
  • all v1.x updates are free

LON-LAT Connection Plugin:

  • easy selection and creation of locations from a list with thousands of cities
  • easy creation of connections between location
  • file parsing for creating large amounts of locations and connections
  • parametric settings for the created locations and connections
  • manual input of personal lon-lat locations

LON-LAT Connection Library:

  • 2 vector globes in 110m and 50m resolutions, rigged for easy setup
  • a high resolution natural globe
  • sweep line object with embedded animation system
  • 5 different markers

you can give the LON-LAT Connection plugin a try:
LON-LAT Connection Kit v1 Demo
This is a version with a limited library, and the locations are randomly offset by 15 degrees.
Please have a look at out teaser to see what you can create with the LON-LAT Connection Kit:
You can also purchase it hereĀ 

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