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Real or Fake? VLE!

Never been so simple create realistic images or animations, I sincerely have to told you that during the development of VLE I saw the high quality of the tool but i can’t never imagine to arrive to this quality level. What I mean is that to make this image, I spent not more than 3 minutes…. and you can see the quality.
Anyway we are really excited to show you other features you can’t see from static images as Dynamic Camera Motion and many others things!
See you on next monday!

thanks to DigitalSandwich for cherry 3d model

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3 thoughts on “Real or Fake? VLE!

  1. Oh my God! i can’t believe this is a rendering! Vray Lighting essentials is amazing!!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations to the team for VLE! My impression at the first use is excellent and my client who is the most difficult to satisfy already today enchanted! 🙂 Several defaults settings with the Absolute White studio did not suit me but the customization panel is very convenient consequently I adjusted it for my goals in a very short time. Still a great job!

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