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Maxon + Adobe = Cineware

Everyday we see new tools, plugins, software for CGI and motiongrafic, and is not so simple to be impressed. But this time i have to confess that the work that Maxon and Adobe have made togheter is really amazing. No one could think that our forkflow could be revolutioned so deeper, i really think that from Adobe side this is the answer to the bad impression they made with the absurd 3d system of CS6, and also is the answer to Element 3d (that is a great plugin but now has to fight with a giant). From Maxon side this is the confirm that Cinema 4d is THE BEST 3D SOFTWARE FOR MOTION GRAPHIC. I can imagine the thousands of ways we can use new tool, Cineware is really the invention of bullet in a world that uses arrows to conflict, In the next few days i’ll do some Cineware tutorial to show you how great is, and why you can’t miss to buy it.

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2 thoughts on “Maxon + Adobe = Cineware

  1. Seems very powerfull workflow but it will work with vray too or obnly the standard c4d render engines? and how about speed?

    1. I read some specifics and at the moment Vray should not work inside cinema 4d lite….
      anyway i a new great tool! 😉

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