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Vray Lighting Essentials Preorders

Here we go my friend! Raphael from silverwing-vfx.de and me have worked for months and now are ready to show you the great potentials of our tool! “VLE” lets you place your model (product / object / text) in one of the various provided prelit VLE scenes. You just need to choose your render quality and hit render. Its easy as that to get great realistic renders within minutes. About render quality you have to know that VLE have 4 render preset for any scene: Low Res – Hi Res – Animation Gi – Animation Phisically Corrected, and any animation preset is Flicking free!

Please watch this video in HD to enjoy the quality of renderings.

Another feature that make us really proud is that any scene is created to give you the highest level of realism: lights, shadow, reflections… are studied in detail and any rendering it’s amazyng! This tool it a great time saver for motion designers, interior designers, 3d generalists and anyone loves 3d.
We are making a lot tutorials to show you any scene in details, and talk about Dinamic Camera Motion (a new way to animate camera), and Circle of Confision (a great setting to use DOF in the simplest way), and Matte button (that allow you to place you 3d object in every background you want just with one click!), well i hope you like this new way to use Cinema 4D and Vray.

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