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Vray Light Essentials News6

VRay Lighting Essentials: Sci-Fi Ambient.
Another day, another scene. Today me and Raphael introduce to you another great scene that will really surprise you. It’s built using an environment that you can completely customise, a rich illumination that you can adjust or change, and by a floor that is really funny to play with and which allows you to use your creativity to create fantastic animations.

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2 thoughts on “Vray Light Essentials News6

  1. That’s great! Can you post also some example animation with relative render time? There will be a wizard for setting flicker free animation?

    1. Hi Giuseppe please be patient me and Raphael are working hard to make animations, render benchmark, and some web pages dedicated to the new product!
      about the second question I can tell you’ll that you have many rendering presets… but I can’t reveal all secrets at the moment! 😉

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