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Origami Maker Free Preset

We have created a new Free tool called Origami Maker for Cinema 4d r13 and r14, this Cinema 4D preset allow you to create fun animations of “turning” and “unfolding” paper that becomes objects, text or anything else you want.
As you can see in tutorials section we have also released a video about this preset, and you can see how is easy to use, actions are subdivided in 4 steps: Object selection, Faces adjustment, Texturing, Animations.
I hope you want try this present and send us you feedback and you test.

That’s the next short tutorial about Origami Maker… Stay tuned!

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12 thoughts on “Origami Maker Free Preset

  1. Hi Ale!

    Got a question, how can I use it with text? Just trying to use the preset with MoText and whenever I move the cursor in the timeline it dessappears…any idea? or should I use some extruded splines for the text?

    Love the stopMotion look of the example above, cheers!

    1. Hi Mic,
      yes you can use it with Motext, tomorrow i release a new tut with motext animation! 😉
      Stay tuned!

  2. perfect!!… I´ll give a try anyway by now…maybe I can come out with something cool before your tut ( just learning though !!)

    I’ll definitely stay tuned!

  3. hi
    is the preset for origami only for cinema 4d on a mac?
    i’m trying to use the trial version

  4. Hello!

    Origami Maker is very helpfull but , i am using 3dsmax . Please i want to know if you will made one for users of 3dsmax ?…and if possible can you show me please the name of “plugin ” who can help me to do the same stuff….thank you ^^

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