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Octane Render Test

Today I played around with this great render engine. Octane render is the best GPU unbiased physical corrected engine. It’s quite simple to use and the understanding curve it’s really good. It has an nodes interface as you can see on screeshot but the features that I prefer are others……

Octane Real Camera it’s really amazine and intuitive, you can’t belive how much simple is choose the fucus point and then play with your lens features….

Illumination system is one of the best things in Octane Render, looking at daylight tool you’ll be in love because it’s really simple to understand and use: in few words you have to choose WHERE, and WHEN you want and Octane will recreate a realistic illumination…. for example New York 10.00 o’clock, and you’ll be there!

You can also make a realistic illumination using your own HDRI maps, I love unbiased engines… no flickers and no surprises

Buy your Octane Render license and you’ll have access to a great online collection of materials, all quality guaranted, cool, realistic…. You can choose your materials directly into program interface and connect to your 3d objects! Incredible.

GPU render engines are fast, but Octane is FASTER! It requires powerful graphic cards but you can’t belive how much fast will be render big scenes orΒ  hard material as glass is…


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