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Vray Texture Pack v2 Released!

Finally you can buy new vray texture pack v2 for a really cheap prize! This pack is made to create incredible and realistic renderings! Over 150 textures – 2K (2048×2048 pixel) SEAMLESS! – subdivided into 12 categories, Metals, Woods, Liquids, Organics, Translucent, Plastics, Fabrics, Crazy……. This allow you to use this products really easily. Vray texture pack v2 it’s a great time saver and help anyone to unleash fantasy. You can’t find textures so strange or realistics.

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Buying this pack you will receive a link to download displacement maps andΒ  a great preset scene to create, clean and realistic renderings.

Vray texture pack costs 59$ but it is worth thousands of dollars for its quality and the results you get.

If you have bought Vray texture pack v1 you can request a discount coupon, sending your previous paypal purchase report. Your coupon will be actived immediately and will works for 24h.

Renderking works to bring any kind of peolpe to cinema 4d and vray world, this is the reason of our cheap prices, we don’t want become rich with this products, we are a postproduction society, we want give access to professional products to everybody, from great avd agencies to students.

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8 thoughts on “Vray Texture Pack v2 Released!

    1. Hi Erik
      it’s not specifically developed for 1.8, anyway we use this pack in last Vray version without problems.

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