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Renderking on TV!

A great MTV’s London based agency email us to talk about our Vray materials and some copyrights requests. They also sent some pics of the promos they had produced, and allow us to share with you just few frames! Really fun: when i created some of these materials I was earing mtv on my studio….

The “styro logo” is really amazing and the material’s realism is great. We are really proud that many people are appreciating our work even more, and your support push us to make better and to develope professional products for motiondesigners.

[bar_info_box_1 buttontext=”Learn More!” buttonurl=”http://www.renderking.it/products-page/cinema-4d-2/vray-texture-pack/” text=”Do you like texure used? ” /]

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7 thoughts on “Renderking on TV!

  1. Hi,
    i’m graphic designer of sky italy team, we often are using vray texture pack for our intros. At the moment i can’t send images because our privacy policy but i assure that this pack saved our ass, many times!!!

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