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Element 3D test

This is my first Element 3D test, i need to learn a lot about this plugin, but i think that it has a great potential

The first impression is the incredible velocity in rendering time, how many hours we need to have the same rendering using vray? Obviously with cinema 4d we can create great photorealistic images and animations, but it’s sure that Element 3D is a great time saver.
To make this animation I have created 2 simple 3D objects with cinema 4d, the first is the stone and the second is the crystal. The integration between c4d and Element 3d is amazing, it’s really exciting import in After Effect a native model from Cinema 4d.

Now I ask to you to post below your comments or your suggestion to make this project more real than real or to invent new fun solutions with Element 3D and Cinema 4d,
Stay in touch!

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2 thoughts on “Element 3D test

  1. You will learn how to use MoGraph elements such as the Cloner Object and how various effectors can be used to control the generated clones.

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