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Element 3d review

Finally we have bought Element 3D and starting use it to make some tricks in our movies. First look was very impressive, infact as always interface is amazing, really simple to understand. I really think that this plugin will be a real revolution of 3D and Compositing workflow. In this years we have made hundreds of movies with 3d objects moving around the space and when we thinked to be at the end of the work, we saw something wrong in 3d rendering and we had to start again with 3d. Now we can see our 3d object live in our After Effects timeline. Really great opportunity, obviously is not possible using animated object but the same it’s a great plugin because we can import c4d native models and make little animation like splin, slide and scale inside element 3d. Another thing i really appreciate about Andrew kramer and his team is they gives us great and professionale programs with really cheap price! I can’t tell the same about other 3d developer that sell trasformable “plugins” (understood who i’m talking about?) …… Tha package we bought was 3D design boundle, And here i had a little bad surprise, but go in order:
Plugin is really amazing as told before, also proshader pack it’s really usefull because help us to understand how play around textures in Element 3D, but Motion design pack is not so good, they give us 200 model really unuseful and not well modelled. I think splash liquid models are really good, but I don’t think the same about alot of 3d arrows and stripes inside. So my suggestion is to buy another 3d pack if you want. At the end I think that Video Copilot make what Adobe wasn’t able to make! Andrew makes another magic product, he had fascinating us with his vision!

In order of this I want tell to every loser around CG persia or similar site: you can download big programs that cost thousands of dollars, but when you download and crack products like elemnt 3d You’re poisoning the water we drink all, we have to support people like Andrew and his team.
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