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Video Instagram

We are proud to announce a new product that will soon in our store. Video Instagram is a preset for after effect. Video Instagram can give your videos the same touch that pictures taken with your iphone have. We’ve drawn on our experience on TV commercials to create a new product that would give a new flavor to your videos. Want to create a vacation videos in vintage style? You can easily create video with a very personal style or use one of our awesome presets that give you images exactly the same as those generated by instagram on your phone.


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2 thoughts on “Video Instagram

  1. This looks fab and probably more affordable than Magic Bullet.
    It will be popular if you can utilise the “Instagram” name legally
    or at least reference it.

    Look forward to seeing it,


  2. Hi Jonathan, the preset is almost ready and the name probably will be little bit different….
    but my product will be only inspired to instagram…
    Stay tuned.

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