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Atomkraft for After Effect

We are pleased to inform you that renderking was chosen as a beta tester of the new and amazing plugin atomkraft! This software takes the maintenance of files and 3D environments to a new and more advanced level in the coming days publish many articles that will show you a complete overview of its functions. For now this is the official definition that Jupiter Jazz has released about its plugin:

AtomKraft for After Effects (AK/AE) is the interactive 3D toolkit for look development, matte painting, lighting and rendering tightly integrated in the leading Motion Graphics & Visual Effects application Adobe After Effects. Use the same core technology of its high-end film VFX counterpart AtomKraft for Nuke, this time in your favorite compositing application, After Effects! AK fully supports all of AE’s 3D built-in features and provides a broad range of tools to load, generate and tweak animated 3D geometries while performing interactive changes. AtomKraft is fully integrated to support the easy workflow After Effects users have come to expect, at a fraction of the price of its big brother.

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