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3 thoughts on “Cuber Tutorial Preview

  1. Hi Alessandro!
    I followed this tutorial in order to create the effect but I used a cylinder instead of Text.
    The problem is that I just can´t get a smooth surface in the cylinder when rendeering; always I end up with a low poly look

    Here´s what I get:

    any sugestion my friend?

    Thanks for the help, as always only good stuff in your blog!!

    1. Hi Mic,
      you can try adding faces numbers on your cylinder, or increase number of cubes…but rounder surfaces are not the best solution for this technique…

  2. yes, apparently… I assume it is because of the booleans.
    Anyway, I managed it parenting the cylinder to an HyperNurbs and… it worked fine!!

    thanks x your time mr. Boncio!!

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