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Back in Action v.2

Hello everyone, after some time of hard work and developing, we are back with lots of news that we will reveal in the next days.
What you see is the new version of renderking, more devoted to the exchange of information, with a new shop, new products (many more will come ….) and especially a new team!

At the beginning of 2012 we start a great collaboration with Giuseppe Morelli, leader of  Step Five technologies. We join togheter for our new plugin and many others we will relase in the future. Our skill in each specific field allow to make incredible product like EVOTYPE. Step Five is a young startup company born in 2011 after collaboration with Italian and American company, about programming and developing.
Each member of the team has a passion for technologies and follow they in every moment. They say: “Geek is a lifestyle!” that means they are proud to do this job and carry on in their life.

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12 thoughts on “Back in Action v.2

    1. Ciao Marco, anche noi non stiamo nella pelle, a brevissimo sveleremo il tutto! 🙂

    1. Hi Erwan, first of all thanx for your support!!! 🙂
      New tutorial is quite ready, we are searching for people who whants to help us translating videotutorials….

    1. Grazie Luigi, il tuo video “La prova” è molto ben fatto ha una bella profondità. stiamo lavorando ad una sezione degli utenti….. rimani connesso.

      Sardegna rules!!!!!!

  1. Great to see your sites back in action with such impressive tutorials – it’s good to visit a site that isn’t another example of self-publicity.



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