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Compatibility Cinema 4d r12 / 13 / 14 -Mograph for Scifi scene Vray 1.2

USAGE TIPS Motion design, Interior design, Spot, Commercials

USAGE TIPS Detailed 3D models, Elegant style,

USAGE TIPS Commercials, Motion design, Eccentric Style,

USAGE TIPS Dramatic Style, Macro still, Perfect for little objects,

USAGE TIPS Sci Fi scenes, Intros, Motion titles, Logo reveals

USAGE TIPS Still life, Studio animations, Macro still, Little - Medium -big objects


USAGE TIPS Motion design, Motion titles, Animation to composite, Modern style

USAGE TIPS Perfect to render cars but any other reflective objects

Vray lighting essentials is an illumination kit and not contains any 3d object except custom placeholder and scene 9 and 10

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1 Comment to Lighting Essentials

  1. ben


    Any prevision about a update for Vray 1.9

    Best regards


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