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C4Dome Presets

Many C4Dome customers use it to create their own daily 3d renders, so we decided to create some new lighting presets that reproduce the most stunning instagram styles! Some artists already have tested those new setups and their feedbacks were amazing, new c4dome speed up your workflow and gives to you more time to be…

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Real Flow Tutorial from Ali Fasial

Long time is passed since Ali Fasial made a tutorial for us, our friendship was born with that "old" collaboration and his tutorial it's been one of the most appreciated of our site, but maybe not only... Now Ali is back for us to inaugurate the new renderking's site and we want celebrate this event...

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Vray Texture Pack 3 – Example 01

We introduce a new appointment #almosteverydayrender and we want do it trying to experiment light and shaders, to find new ideas and suggestions. Usually, for my experience, the best way to do that is unleash creativity and to work on abstract projects. For this MeatBall render i used 2 shaders from Vray Texture Pack 3,…

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Vray texture pack 3 doesn’t fear 4k

Unleash your creativity with Vray Texture Pack 3! You can combine shaders and turn your render into many different ways: this is an example of what you can achieve with these shaders, super detailed specularity, realistic bump and diplacement maps, always the right index of refraction to push higher the realism of your renderings. Click…

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Vray Texture Pack 3 Released!

Here we go! New Vray Texture Pack is out! We spent months to collect ideas, shoot photos, test scenes and make research about physical behaviour between light and surfaces, and the result it’s an amazing texture pack with 150 unique shaders. Vray Texture Pack it’s been made for all 3d professionals: Architects, Motion Graphers, Broadcast…

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Parametric Modelling

Often we receive emails from people who ask for suggestion about to model paramretric surfaces. Parametric geometry it’s really popular, mostly in architecture and in interior design. Finally someone in Aix Sponza created a freebie plugin to retopologize your surface into a parametric mesh… It’s very interestig that the plugin goes to create a graphic…

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